Helping Lawyers Tell Their Story

Persuasive Design Group serves the legal community in providing litigation support and graphics. We assist you in the courtroom or meeting room by bringing in the most effective, professional and convincing graphics to help a jury or judge understand the facts and come up with a decision.


Our staff of attorneys, legal assistants and graphic designers understand the law and how people learn – we develop compelling graphics to drive your point home. Whether a simple chart, timeline boards, or a complex animation, we can help you.

"I wanted to formally thank and compliment your company on the outstanding trial exhibits and demonstrative aids that you designed for us in the case. As you know, I defended [ ] in one of the most contentious and highly publicized cases in the last several years in this area. The exhibits that your firm made for us and in particular the magnetic replica of the roadway with the metallic, to scale vehicles were instrumental in helping us make our points during the trial. As you know, our client was acquitted of all charges and the exhibits that you prepared for us undoubtedly played a huge role. Thank you!"

"You have a special intuition for what works in litigation and your drawings were exceptional. A high compliment!"

"Tess and her team at PDG are wonderful.  They not only deliver an exceptional quality product, on time and under budget, but they also provide intelligent, insightful assistance creating accurate, persuasive trial materials. At the end of the day, they deliver each time and I consider them a real go-to resource for trial support."